Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fuzzy Faith

Fuzzy Faith is not a new term and has been around for some time.
The recently published results from Richard Dawkins’ research on social attitudes demonstrate once again this notion of fuzzy faith.

This is the link to research of Christian social attitudes just published.

One initial response has been from Steve Hollinghurst of the Church Army Research Centre based in Sheffield.  
Once again Dawkins appears to trying to push ‘faith’ into the private sphere.  But even the briefest of looks at the Christian Bible will demonstrate that the Christian faith is not about a private faith or views but is very much about the public domain.
This is the legacy the Christian Church has picked up from the Jewish nation – the Book of Genesis which seems to give Dawkins grief states boldly, loudly and as clearly as possible, the God of the Hebrews, the God and Father of Jesus is involved in all of creation. The morality of the bedroom matters as much as the morality of the boardroom.
Above all what is the Lord’s Prayer all about – but an asking for God’s will to be done ‘on earth as in heaven.’
As Christians we look forward to the Day when God will come as judge of all and earth and heaven will be for ever conjoined.
Meanwhile we make our best attempts to live as though we are already living in the Kingdom of God upon earth.
What for me this survey demonstrates is that there is still a lot of very woolly thinking around about what it means to be a Christian, that the Christendom song may be finished but that the melody lingers on, especially by those who seek Christening and perhaps more importantly do not then spell out what that actually means.
It also demonstrates why there has been an increased call for discipleship courses.  We as Christian need to be ready to give an answer for anyone who asks us for the hope that we have, but this is to be done with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15

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