Thursday, 6 September 2012

Monthly News

THE WEDDING – Daniel and Tracey were duly married with great ceremony at Holy Trinity St Austell on the 4th August 2012. As ever on these occasions it was good to meet up with family and friends. The next day (Sunday) saw a few of us gathering again at Holy Trinity for Holy Communion. It was a delight  to meet up with Peter and Sue Willows who have recently returned to Cornwall and ‘happened’ to be in Holy Trinity that morning. Several years ago Peter and I along with Steve Wild ran a number of combined evangelistic initiatives in Cornwall, in particular ‘Exalt Jesus.’ 

The other ‘big’ thing for me during August was an operation for a benign prostate. As this meant being off work for at least a fortnight I was busy trying to clear the desk and make preparations.

The operation itself went well and in particular as I was asked if I was available to bring it forward a day and to go into Nuffield Hospital in Haywards Heath, the expense being met by the NHS. I know the hard pressed NHS do their very best yet the difference in the Nuffield is remarkable. In many ways this answered Jane’s real concern as I was due to be admitted as a Day Case. The operation was to be at around 11am and then sent home with a catheter at around 3pm. The Nuffield didn’t do that and you stay there until all is clear and well and the catheter is removed or at least you fully understand the management.
I was in hospital for around 30 hours before being sent home.

Then began the recuperation and I was not allowed to lift or carry anything or to drive for at least fourteen days. As I felt fit in myself this was frustrating. However Jane confiscated my mobile phone and made sure I couldn’t access emails!     

Fortunately the weather was kind for the most part which gave me an opportunity to sit in our back garden and read. My reading was eclectic (my reading always is!) I finished off ‘Spiritual Direction,’ W.A. Barry & W.J. Connolly and ‘Heaven’ by Paula Gooder. I read ‘Gothic Charm School’ which was a Father’s Day gift from Joe. Plus I am continuing to read a big novel ‘King Cotton’ about the Lancashire Cotton Industry in the late 1850’s early 1860’s and the crucial role they played in the American Civil War. The second week I was able to go for long walks along the beach (we live 100 yards from the sea) which I really enjoyed, ambling along, stopping to read or just looking and being,

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