Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Doing the work of an evangelist in September...

I continue to be involved with this group and currently we are busy trying to consolidate the Group. In essence this means we are revisiting our aims and objectives now we have had three years experience. Alongside this we are making plans to launch our 'Friends of Soul by the Sea.' All of this of course whilst keeping before us the aspiration to mount another Passion Play in 2014. 

Kairos and Chronos –

I am no Greek scholar however I do know the difference between Chronos and Kairos. This is just as well as one of the first persons I said hello to at a ‘Kairos Service’ asked me that very question. The Kairos Service in question was being held at St Peter ad Vincula (and do you know what ad Vincula means?) We had a great time together exploring the call of Christ into discipleship. Whilst Jane sang I invited everyone to come forward with a stone on which they had written their name and make a Prayer Cairn by the altar. It was a very moving movement as I stood there, each person taking time and making a deliberate response. So much that Jane had to repeat some of the song again. As they have just begun a vacancy they asked if they could leave the stones there until a new person is appointed. This is to be a sign that they will continue to be God’s people in that place. They also invited us back for October!

22 years as a member of Mothers’ Union - it was great to join them for an Overseas Day, helping raise funds by making key rings and badges. We raised just a little short of a £1,000 which will go towards the work of Mothers' Union overseas.

CVM Regional Day

I continue to chair the small planning group helping to pull this event together. This year (November 16th) we are hoping to see an increase over the 200+ we have seen in previous years. We have moved to a venue that has the capacity for us to grow up to 500+ delegates! 



We had a good honest meeting in September asking some serious questions as to our engagement with this Course. Although the MSM 2013 was ‘successful’ we are not convinced we have either the level of interest or the personnel to offer another Course, certainly not in 2014. Lots of prayers, discussions and thinking to be done!

Introduction to Spiritual Direction
I completed this Course last year and was invited back (with two others) to assist at the Course for 2013/14. Our role is to be ‘gophers’ but also to offer our own insights to this year’s delegates. And we also get a refresher, brilliant all-round.

Pulborough Weekend – the weather was kind enough (just) for both Jane and I to stay over in the Caravan on Friday and Saturday night. On Saturday it was a delight to be with Pulborough Churches Together for the Pulborough Harvest Fair. We now have four stalls plus an inflatable church! On Sunday, Back to Church Sunday/St Michael’s I preached at St Mary’s both at the 8am and the 10am. St Mary’s has an Anglo-catholic tradition and Fr Paul brought us into a place were you could almost hear the beating of angels wings and the singing of the saints gone before us and now rejoicing in glory.

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