Monday, 3 March 2014

Captain's Log February 2014

“You see but you do not observe” says one of the modern manifestations of Mr Holmes to the doughty Watson. That is a key point I tried to get across for the Readers Course ~ Contextual Mission. So the session began with a short walk around the area with a sheet of things to note and observe that gives hints, tips and clues as to who might live there, shop there or have businesses in the area, etc.  A simple lesson but one often overlooked because we can become so familiar with our patch that we see but no longer observe. This is of course (not observing) a natural feature of conserving energy because we are ‘at home’ and so dangers are less of a threat.

(For a phenomenological study of this concept try and get hold of a copy of A GEOGRAPHY OF THE LIFEWORLD 1979 by David Seamon – dated but the principles remain the same)

Have you signed up for Hope 2014? We had a very encouraging gathering in London when around twenty Hope Practitioners gathered together to tell stories of what is happening in their areas. There are a lot of great resources to help engage with the Commemoration of World War One.

I promoted Hope 14 at the February ‘Kairos’  at St Peter’s ad Vincula – this is becoming a regular feature in my diary which is great because it is always good to encourage these good folk who are currently without a vicar.  

Soul by the Sea continues to keep me busy with Planning Group meetings and Road Shows including one this month at Holland Road Baptist Youth Club. Another one was at The Church of the Good Shepherd Dyke Road Brighton and it was a delight to be invited to preach as part of the ‘presentation’

In the UK the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK is going to launch ‘Search for Jesus.’ This is an email based initiative currently running in the US where enquirers can ask questions. I am undergoing training to be one of those first responders to enquirers.  It was good to visit the BGEA UK centre of operations to meet with Mark from the USA outlining how the programme operates there and what it is hoped it can achieve here in the UK.

Brighton Half Marathon

Yes, I managed to get in under two hours – just! 1.58.59.  I couldn't believe the gorgeous weather considering how awful it had been. Best of all however is the £55.00 raised for Off the Fence. As Paul Young OtF CEO said, this money saves lives.

‘If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else’  Great to spend sometime with St John the Baptist Hove as we reflected on the past three years and then considered the next three year Mission Action Plan.

Then to round of the month a visit to Northampton to deliver a Rural Evangelism Workshop as part of the Arthur Rank Centre ‘Rural Ministry Course.’  I always get such a buzz from delivering this workshop.
Direct link for Rural Evangelism Course...

I am very much hoping and praying as I look for a new post that outlining this Course will be a key element. Therefore I would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to invite me to run the Course and allied material in their area.

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