Friday, 3 October 2014

Captain's Log September 2014

Well I might be preparing to leave the Diocese but in no way is the work load slacking off.

For Church Army September I travelled down to the edge of the diocese with a visit to St Mary’s, Westbourne.  In conversation afterwards a gentleman said to me as I spoke of my ‘becoming a Christian’ “I don’t understand what that means.”  He had attended Church nearly all his life and yet had never understood or been presented with the need to confess faith! (Romans 10.9-10) 
By the way  have you got your copy of our excellent resource

My ‘preaching tour’ continued the following week by going to the top edge of the diocese, St Mary Magdalene, Cowden, Kent. Following the Morning Service we had a lovely lunch. I then led a small group through an Angels Afternoon. The Growing Healthy Churches material has been around for a wee while now but still has lots of mileage. I really like working with Angels. 

Good to meet with my Church Army colleagues for the CA Chichester Cluster. This is a simple gathering of sharing what God is doing in our lives and ministry, saying prayers together and then sharing a lunch.  They now have the task of choosing a new coordinator!

With my rural hat on I am the Chaplain for ‘Surrey/Sussex Farming Community Network.’ It was a delight to spend a day at a Ploughing Match representing FCN and R.A.B.I. who had a stall there.  I have never been to a ploughing match before, absolutely fascinating and great fun.  The weather was kind which probably helped!

‘Love Patcham’ was the name of a Community Fun Afternoon organised by five Churches in the Patcham area. (Just outside Brighton) Held in a school playing field I had masses of space to spill out and bring lots of games alongside the badge making.  Again the weather was brilliant and it was a joy to see families enjoying it all whilst being entertained from the main stage in various ways. It was obviously an event put on by Christians and people were warmly welcomed but not harangued or badgered. ‘Here is God’s love, this is what it can look like, having fun in the sun so you can have faith in the Son.’  Very hard work but so, so worth it!

Sunday I was over in Bexhill on Sea at St Peter’s preaching. Afterwards I gave a short presentation on the excellent ‘Everybody Welcome Course’ they are about to embark on.
A lovely ‘2014 wash-up meal’ with some of our volunteers from the Church Tent at the South of England Show. There is a big challenge for 2015 as I provide most of the practical side in getting the infrastructure to the site and with the build.  Quite a bit of the gear is also mine as well and will be coming with me.

Then the last ‘shout’ of the season, Pulborough Havest Fair. I love being at this event with Jane and myself staying over in the Caravan on the Glebe Field. Following the Fair on the Saturday I preached at St Mary’s on the Sunday, both at the 8am and the 10am! 

The Church Army flag is folded away for the last time in Sussex!

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