Thursday, 19 January 2012

Soul By The Sea & Brighton Passion ~ Easter Festival


In 2010 Soul By The Sea brought a Beach Festival to the Brighton Seafront.

And in 2011 the first Brighton Passion Play was held on Brighton sea front on Easter Sunday to a crowd of thousands. They had a great cast with James Burk-Dunsmore playing Jesus, James is well known for the Wintershall and the Trafalgar Square Passion Plays.

These two ‘events’ have now converged and Soul By The Sea and Brighton Passion are working towards an Easter Festival 2012.

This will run over Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and be on the beach just a step down towards the Marina away from the Palace Pier.

This for me creates a bit of a dilemma. Personally I think the Faith Community ought to hold firm and fast to a correct passage through these climatic days in the earthly life of our Lord. However for the vast majority of people who hold no such allegiance it is simply all of a piece – it is Easter Weekend, with no recognition that Easter begins on Easter Sunday or for some with the First Mass on Easter Eve, i.e. the Saturday. Therefore as an Evangelist I want to promote and encourage engagement with people, who are not yet part of the Faith Community, yet personally I want to travel the journey though the Last Supper, Good Friday, Holy Saturday as a place of utter dereliction, lost hopes and dreams and then the joy of resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Wherever you stand on this I hope you will get behind this great initiative that seeks to bring the message of the Gospel out into the public arena. If you are walking a familiar path within your Faith Community then carry those engaged in this venture in your thoughts and prayers. And if you are able to ‘sit light’ to the traditional Journey of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection then sign up and get involved. There’s room for everyone of whatever persuasion!

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2012 Brighton's Easter Festival Soul by the Sea,’ featuring The Passion Play.

The Passion Play was a great success in 2011 with thousands watching
Plans are being made to make it even bigger and better for 2012
And you can get involved now…
Check out the Soul by the Sea F.B. page;

And watch the new promotion video;

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